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so many thoughts. 

This will all be a little disjointed.  There's a lot swirling through my head, so just ride it like the tide.

1.  Writing and Inferences

As I'm slowly sending DIARY out to a wider audience (family and friends, notably), I'm shocked by the inferences people make.  I was prepared for them, so I thought, but there are the obvious things and then there are the smaller things, like breading on a piece of chicken.  While the chicken tends to be wholly fictional, the breading doesn't, and I'm shocked by some of my reader's abilities to pick up on the grains of personal experience in the breading.  I'm not really a spill your guts kind of girl and I hadn't realize how much of my personal experience really was in some of the offhand comments until one of my friends pointed it out.  Sometimes, I realize now, you just don't know how much of you is the writing and how much of the writing is you.

2. Maine

Went to Kennebunkport yesterday, and brought Little Lucy with me.  Has no one seen a goldendoodle in Maine?  We got her from a breeder in Maine.  Still, everyone fussed over her like she was the second coming.

3.  Blogging and traffic

Since moving my blog from "blog.finalword.org" to "finalword.org" my traffic has vanished.  come on people, it's the better URL!  Can no one find me over here?  I'm talking about going from 150-250 hits per day to ZERO.  Actually ZERO.  My blog stats are laughing at me.

4.  Kiersten Writes Gets Published

This made me so happy.  Both for "Look, it happens!" and "Look, there's balance in life!" reasons.  I am so happy for her!

5.  Tarian/DIARY

This week I'm sitting down with Tarian/DIARY OF A TEENAGE MURDERESS and adding some new edits to it before I send it off to the agents who were interested before but I couldn't submit to because I was under exclusivity.  Which is kind of exciting, actually.  Part of me wants to be so sick of it, so over it, but I can't help the thrill that goes through me.  Could this be the one?  Could this be the start of something?  Even the idea that I can still find ways to edit Tarian is exciting, like a huge project on how to translate my mind onto a page that other people can experience.  It's like finetuning a translation.

:Cough:.  What, that's not exciting?

6.  All of this leads me to the conclusion that just when I think I know everything, life continues to surprise me.  I'm only 24, so I guess I should really be grateful for that!  All in all, I'm the kind of girl who thinks that life is like a capricious ocean, and it changes in instants.  You can't predict it, you can't harness it, you can just lay on the ocean's back and float on the tide.  So I'm floating.  I'll let you know what happens.

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