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I cannot WAIT to tell you this good news.  You might even say it's double the good news. 

So, first, a teeny tiny bit of mush: I am so excited to share this with you guys after SO SO long because the past nine months have been crazy.  They have been exhausting and exhilarating and frustrating and so many other things, but the thing that I have been touched by every day is how much people care about SCARLET.  That love and excitement has gotten me through so many of the rough patches of this crazy journey, and I am so thankful for the people who have let SCARLET be part of their story. 

And I apologize.  I'm sorry for all the questions I've left vaguely answered or unanswered while I've been sitting on this--because it's been under wraps for SO LONG!!--and I am doubly appreciative of the people that stuck with me even when I've been evasive, and have campaigned for SCARLET to have more adventures. 

Are we at the good news yet? 


This good news is worth celebrating, so we're going to celebrate!  In TWO ways--First, the holidays are coming up, so anyone who puts their name on this form (it's been neglected for a while, I apologize) BEFORE DECEMBER 14th  I will mail a free bookplate to anyone in the US so you can have/give personalized SCARLET books for the holidays if you so desire. I'll do it afterward too, but I have no guarantees if it will get there in time. 


And SECOND, I'm hosting a giveaway to thank all of you guys for sticking with me and sticking with SCARLET--I have FIVE tshirts that say FIGHT LIKE A GIRL on the front (they're various colors and sizes). 


How can you win?  Check it:

1.  US Entrants only--sorry international SCARLET lovers!

2.  The only thing you HAVE to do is leave your favorite quote from SCARLET in the comments; you can earn an extra entry by tweeting about it. 


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So that's it. 


Oh...wait...you wanted good news, right? 

To Talie, Katherine, Amanda, Rida, Josie, Melissa, Kat, Hayley, Toni, Susan, Meg, Bree, Heidi, Kelsey, Cathy, Beth, Sanette, Ravenna, Nicole, Leah, Sydney, Brittany, Pam, Jack, Taylor, Jordan, Kily, Jordan B, Emily, and Rachel (and those are just the people that used the form on my website)--you all had the VERY SAME QUESTION that I couldn't really answer til now.  

The question?  Will SCARLET have a sequel?




::commence stupidcrazyhappyjoy dance::

Love you all.  Thank you for letting me stay in this business a little while longer, thank you for helping my dreams come true, thank you for believing in me! xxxx


The Post I've Been DYING to Write

So I think everything is finalized and announcement ready:  I have an agent.

YES!!!!  YES!!!!  I finally have an agent, something I've been passionately and continually submitting for (and getting supported and rejected) for YEARS.  Three years, continuously.  I dabbled before that, submitting and then hermiting myself and then coming back.  Since I graduated from a Masters program in Creative Writing, I've been constantly submitting to agents with three different novels. First was the high fantasy novel that I worked on during grad school; the novel was well received but had no significant interest.  Second was DIARY OF A TEENAGE MURDERESS, which was really well received; one agent was willing to undergo revisions with me, two more were really really interested, and two were actually still considering it.

Then came SCARLET, this strange little book that I wrote in three months like something was grabbing onto me.  I did some very basic grammatical line edits to it, but nothing major.   I started sending it out, and within three weeks, I had an agent.

That's compared to the 14 months I spent shopping DIARY around, and the two years or so that I spent with the high fantasy.

YEAH.  What's that about?

I mean, SCARLET is different; it felt easy and fast to write, and everything just flowed; trusting my instincts or what have you.  So in that sense, I think the manuscript is my best yet, so on the one hand, it makes sense for it to be snapped up so quickly.  But to me, this all seems pretty magical right now.

Especially since my agent, Minju Chang of Bookstop Literary Agency (I'm sorry, did I just say I have an AGENT?!?!) was one of EIGHT agents that were considering the full manuscript.  When she asked to represent me, it was just so incredibly exciting because it really feels like I've found an agent with the same amount of passion and enthusiasm (and happy-dancing) that I have for these books and this career.

Which all around is kind of.....WHOOOOOO!!!!!!


::off to happy dance some more::Lucy Looooves to Happy Dance