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Link Love

I'm grumpy today, so instead of using my blog as a bitchfest platform (as per usual), I'm going to post some links to stuff I've read around the web recently that I really liked.

Commit to Being a Success: Aside from being written by one of my fave bloggers, Nacie Carson, it's url also reads http://www.thelifeuncommon.net....commit-success/, which when I went to copy paste made me giggle, because it's like committing murder, except you're committing success.  Which I kind of love, actually.

PubRants also had two really good posts this week for newbie/aspiring writers about advances and earning out that advance.  It's always helpful when agents talk about this, for which she gets link love.

I thought EdAss' bestseller poll was interesting, and even more interesting to me because of them, I've only bought and read (and also bought OR read) Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code.

I liked this article about Writing Choruses for my on-going songwriter research (believe it or not I have six songs that are at least on paper; I can't really speak to their quality).

On a grumpy tangent, I think I'm putting down Arianna again.  Now, every time I threaten this, I whip out like 3500 words that night, so maybe I'll be eating my words come morning, but something isn't working with this girl and I think it's limping along a bit.  I just want to see other novels, Arianna.  Like possibly starting a first draft of Loose.

Oh, I also liked this suitably snarky post from Editorial Anonymous (which really appealed to me in my grumpiness).

And don't forget the whole reason I'm grumpy, which is over here.

And on a note that is unrelated to anything I should be blogging about, like books and writing, why the hell is Khloe Kardashian marrying this dude?  Did she not just say on the last episode of Kourt and Khloe Take Miami that she didn't trust guys, especially basketballers, and had a really tough time trusting the really sweet overtures of bestie Omarion?  What the hell, Khloe?  You may be having a crisis because big sis is having a baby, but wedding bells won't solve anything.  You've known him LESS THAN A MONTH!!!

Sheesh.  And I previously thought Khloe was the only normal Kardashian.