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Want to find out more about me?  Just can't get enough? 


  • For all questions best suited for a publicist, you can contact Courtney Griffin at
  • I am bad about email response.  I'm trying to be better, I swear! 

Bloggers/Reviewers/Industry folks: Please contact my publicist, Courtney Griffin at  She handles ARCs and all kind of requests (except, like, karaoke requests.  But I haven't tried that yet, so...maybe?)!

  • I am not good with email.  I really recommend trying to contact me through social media first!
  •  If I have failed to respond to you, please don't hold it against me and feel free to try emailing me again.  Sometimes I just need to be poked or pushed or kicked. 

Check me out: 

I'm on the Skype an Author network here.

I'm a member of The Class of 2k12 and the Apocalypsies

I'm on Twitter: @acgaughen

I'm on Tumblr: acgaughen

I'm on Facebook: /acgaughen1

The Scarlet Trilogy is on Facebook (she just wants to be liked...) : /scarletbook

I'm even on YouTube: /acgaughen


I'm also represented by the supremely talented Minju Chang and Bookstop Literary Agency:


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Please also check out the EDUCATOR RESOURCES here!

I love writing and I love talking to young writers; this is something that I've been obsessed with since I was about nine years old (I have documented proof) and I both understand and am so completely inspired by seeing that same obsession in others.  I would love to come speak to your school, library, non-profit, or any other gathering. 

Please see the Appearances and Visits portion of my website for more information!


Finally, you can email me at But as I've stated above, the BEST way to get my attention and actually engage with me is via social media.  I can't explain it, I'm just better with twitter than email!