My Rob is a little different from most. 

Here's a list of Robin Hood appearances in films and television; here's a list of all pop culture appearances of Robin Hood; my Rob is different from all of them. 


He's younger. 

Rob is in his early twenties in my story; most show him as a much older man, after all the fun stuff is over.  My Rob is angsty, angry, and very actively dealing with his demons.  Robin Hood is pretty much always part tortured soul, part Merry Man, and I was much more interested in the tortured soul part. 

He's hotter. 

I always imagined my Robin as one of these two dudes:

Tell me that's not hotter than Russell Crowe. 

And I think Russell Crowe is pretty hot, but come on. 

I think in these two pictures, Chace comes closer to how I pictured Rob, just because he has that angry, broody stare going on in the picture, and Lucas is all happy and smiley and hot.  Rob is definitely angry hot. 





He's also not the protagonist.

What's that?  Robin Hood NOT taking center stage?  Not in this book, honey. 

But there's a lot more to know about the historical figure/figment of Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest, and medieval England, so for that, I recommend clicking around:




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